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Congratulations to Argentina and Germany to play for World Cup tomorrow.

July 12, 2014 Leave a comment

I definitely think the two best teams in the tournament made the finals. Nice work with Netherlands completing their tournament with the professional and thorough defeat of Brazil. I would like to see Roberto Martinez coach Brazil’s national team, I think his commentary throughout the World Cup has been phenomenal and inspirational. I really admire his love and understanding of the game. He’s the kind of coach the players want to play for


fantastic World Cup championship game, congratulations to Japan!

July 17, 2011 Leave a comment

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Congratulations to Japan on winning the women’s World Cup in soccer in a beautiful demonstration of what soccer can be. Both teams played to the highest level and played beautifully. The soccer gods were smiling on the Japanese and the Americans will be kicking themselves for their inability to convert their numerous chances in the first half. The skill level was exceptional and there was no evidence of cynical play. Sportsmanship was everywhere and the host nation Germany turned out in record numbers to witness the event. The Americans showed a lot of class and are to be congratulated on their superb performance throughout the term. We are as proud of them as we can be and in time we hope that that helps them with their obvious disappointment. Our hearts go out to them but even more so to the people.