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Battle ready, brain ready: a stream of consciousness reflection

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

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(from an e-mail conversation with a new friend, the inventor of Brainmode power), Stephen asked me to reflect upon the phrase:

Battle ready, brain ready.

it seems to me that brain state is an integral part of every behavior or cognitive process.
for instance, we use a number of models in the military decision-making process:
understand – visualize – described – direct – assess
plan – prepare – execute – assess
We’re beginning to understand that these are iterative learning opportunities as well as a chance to take right action. In both models were called upon to perform reflective learning an important part of that is to be mindful during the actions and behaviors themselves, so that we can reflect upon our awareness of what was going on. Clearly, understanding, appreciating and managing brain state is important part of that reflective learning process
so in my view, brain state is necessary for selecting and then taking right action and bring state is necessary to perform the reflective learning that allows us to grow.
So in a sense, being battle ready requires you to be brain ready.
Battle ready can be thought of as a heightened state of preparation, anticipation, visualization, actualization. Our senses are tuned and we are mindful of our environment in the larger context around us and in which our next actions will be evaluated.
Battle ready is to be poised on the point of maximum flexibility, in harmony, unified in body mind and spirit and prepared to respond to environmental cues in a way that manifests our values. It is prepared for pure intentional action informed by mind and spirit