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Photo 238/365: Lesson plan book #edugood

Photo 238/365: Lesson plan book #edugood (Photo credit: buistbunch)


this echoes what I found in my dissertation work: that blog writings, even though fueled by passion, were not acknowledged (still aren’t) as academic writing in journals.

Similarly, professional craft-work writing, like lesson plans, is also undervalued, even though lesson plans that are taught by 100 faculty peers, and which go thru the wringer of 1500 students annually, are among the most intensely peer reviewed of all writings, since people actually have to use them


A most excellent resource for doctoral students struggling with their dissertation writing

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coat of arms of the Palaiologos dynasty, the l...

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Focused coaching for a price that’s a real value if you know the dollar value of your time.

My personal experience with doctoral writing was that you have to learn how to get out of your own way when it comes to writing. if you listen to the voice of criticism inside your own head, you end up trying to pre-answer all your emerging objections in the same sentence. You end up with a Byzantine sentence structure that is perfectly understandable to you but which is impenetrable to the casual reader

Why trade?

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have to trade because of the intellectual and emotional challenge and the satisfaction I get from trading well.

love to trade because I find it interesting, and it challenges me every day to discover who I am and what I can do.

like to trade because it combines my passions for action, research, intellectual challenge and adaptation.

Trading directly supports my personal and financial goals and rewards me for the time and effort invested compared to other things I can do with my time.

Business and friendship

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a friend was asking me about some business related issues, and i tried to articulate how i feel about business and friendship
to me, in my opinion only…
i have friends that i cannot do business with
i have friends that i will not do business with
I only do business with 3-4 friends, and they are all businessmen
i have family that i cannot do business with
i have family that i will not do business with
I only do business with a couple family members
I do business with some people who are not my friends
I am friendly to people who are not my friends
I respect many people who are not yet my friends
I do not have many friends :p
It is much easier to do business with people who are not your friends
Business is a contractual relationship between people
Friendship is a spiritual and emotional connection between people

weekend report review June 18, 2011

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”]Cover of "Sideways [Blu-ray]"

main themes: playing defense as the bearish trend is now officially strong sdn we are on the boundary of a Volatile Sideways market

weekend report review link

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charts of interest and some visual framing

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Pocket watch, savonette-type.

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charts of interest from the weekend report of Apr 24, 2011

some strength in the US techs;

i also like the support being found in DBA and DBC, ag and blended commodities, respectively