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Detroit: it’s what you insisted on

December 13, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s sad to see my home town descend into such disgrace. It wouldn’t be this bad if Republicans were in charge and were really as evil as Democrats are incompetent.  Unemployed and not looking 47%  35% on foodstamps; 1000s of homes abandoned’. Population cut in half in 20 yrs

“Leaders” crying out for more dole

Meanwhile Democrat poster boy Warren Buffett is engaging in the completely legal tax avoidance behavior that is getting Google pilloried fpr prudent fisuciarily responble decisions about what to do with their money.

How The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business ...

dare people act in such a way as to deny government every possible dollar?  the nerve!


Dr Kenneth Ginsburg on resilience

October 29, 2012 Leave a comment

just listened to a brilliant and human presentation on resilience and children by Dr Kenneth Ginsburg, and what we can do to help them weather life storms, deliberately and intentionally.  Directly connects how I go about coaching my youth soccer teams, using athletics as the vehicle for important life lessons. his work is definitely worth your time

Reflecting on pride…

July 28, 2012 Leave a comment

examine the difference between “the source of pride” and “the need for pride”
2 related but quite different feelings that satisfy different needs?
do they arise from different places from within?
we can’t choose our feelings but we can work on breaking the automatic linkage between feelings and action through mindful effort
we can learn to notice the onset of feelings and disengage from the routine. robotic, instinctive follow-on action
we can learn to simply notice the arrival of the feeling and wait for our centered, calm state to re-establish itself and then decide on how to respond with our intentional mind
how can we learn to let the feelings run their course?
How does that compare to a strategy of “controlling” or “preventing emotions”?
How might that skill benefit us as professional consultants?
Victor Frankl has important, timeless things to say on this, as does the Buddha, to name just a couple sages 🙂

The source of moral authority?

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s horrible when your “spiritual advisor”  is more concerned about preventing scandal than doing the right thing

Insert commentary on “Hate the sin, not the sinner” here, and how that doesnt invalidate “the message”

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Sharing my BrainMode power report

April 22, 2011 2 comments

wanted to share out my BrainMode power (BMp) report.
Quite a few folks had expressed interest in learning more about BMp, so I thought I would share mine and how I will use it in my trading practice
As/if you read further, Notice the auditory, visual, kinesthetic language; notice the implicit and explicit beliefs…
I took it this morning, when in a trading frame of mind
To me, the market is a learning laboratory for self-discovery; It allows us to experience its nature thru whispers, glimpses, and nudges in the results we get from our trading.
I have become even more auditory than I was 2 years ago when I first took this instrument; i attribute this to doing more recordings for Youtube for trading and teaching, and to the amount of time I have been spending in my doctoral program reading complex material. As I read, I hear the words and concepts in my head, I see how they connect (or not) to my cognitive/emotional maps, as I try to fit them into my paradigms, worldviews, cognitive  word-nets/cognitive maps.
I conceptualize top-down and then fiddle to see how the eaches fit in, listening for reactions, looking for jagged edges & anomolies, feeling for friction, tension and goodness of fit. I test to see how it works locally and then scale up to listen and look for effects across other domains, and see how the new “whole load” is distributed across my load-bearing members.
I will go thru this report in detail over the next 2 weeks and  use it as a lens to compare to my trading practice, in order to uncover more insights about how I may better plan, prepare, execute and reflect upon my results
The BrainMode Power for Professional Development comes with a series of 14 weekly followups with additional insights  and exercises, tips and recommendations that can be applied, in order systematically deepen my self awareness of learning styles, preferences, my beliefs about them and how they intersect with and are manifested in my trading practice.
Calibrating my practice, as it were 🙂
Each of the folks coming to the research weekend and the live trading week have been sent their links to take the instrument and have a chance to play along and learn.
I will be keeping my notes in my learning journal, and will use that to focus my efforts.
My learning journal has 3 columns:
1. The event/experience/insight in rich detail
2. What I think and feel about it, and how it connects to my world view
3. What I will do about it
These reflect the Kolb Experiential Learning Model in a condensed form, one of the leading adult learning models in use these days.

mountains and efficiency

April 2, 2011 1 comment

K2 in summer.

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I am thinking about “efficiency” in time(t) as Gain/TrueRange(sum)

the TrueRange = sum of distance travelled on the way to getting the gain

think of a perfect ramp from groundlevel to mountaintop

think of rolling hills from groundlevel to mountaintop

think of a series of identically high mountains from ground level to mountaintop

think of 5 mountain twice as high as the mountain you end up on

how hard did you have to work to get to the final mountain top?

that’s efficiency

the load you are carrying along the way = (your fears x your greed x your hope)

the load each trade is carrying = sumproduct of all your emotions

the more emotions you are carrying, the harder each trade is “to lift”

without your emotions, the trade is simply the ruleset at work

when you add your emotions each trade is working harder because of the extra load you have introduced

breathing = trading

June 12, 2010 6 comments

  • ask yourself: “what is the crowd waiting for?” “What do they need to see?”
  • What would confirm in their mind that the trade is NOW?!”
  • learn to see it before it happens
  • create separation between you and the crowd
  • be on the edge of them, so you can sense the mood, but don’t be inside the crowd
  • be aware of the crowd but be OF the crowd
  • be positioned in the quiet moment before they take off running
  • let their energy propel your position
  • if you are using “Red-Doji-Green-Go” on the 5s, consider the 1s or 3s as you see the front end of a doji occurring
  • what’s a doji look like as it is beginning to form?
  • a change in the downtrend that was the big red candle….failure to fail further, created the beginning of the doji
  • that’s the time to dial in and listen carefully
  • do you hear the absence of further failure?
  • do you hear the quiet pause between exhale (fear, selling, money flowing out) and the inhale?
  • (beginning to generate the energy of the next leg up)
  • this is the “natural respiratory pause”
  • this is the moment we train in marksmen
  • to pull the trigger at a moment of stability
  • in between the exhale and inhale
  • it’s the most stable moment in the body
  • there are 3 points in the breath: inhale, pause, exhale
  • in your practice of meditation, do some breath work:
  • 4 counts inhale, 4 counts pause, 4 counts exhale, 4 counts pause
  • learn to recognize and feel each state
  • learn the quality of the pause
  • feel your smooth emotional state
  • sip the air in, hold, let it seep out, hold
  • now feel price breathing
  • learn to dial in to the pace of the breath in the cycle that seems to be in force
  • sometimes at the opening its 5s and 1s; later it may be 15s and 5s, or 60 and 15
  • try Ken Cohen’s CDs on breathing meditations
  • monitor the breathing of the crowd
  • but don’t breath with them
  • stay true to your cycle of breathing
  • dont match their pace
  • watch cats stalking and watch their breathing
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