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Futsal season concludes with our best games of the season

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

really proud of our girls as they finished the season with a couple very well played, competitive games.

even at age 12 they are becoming more mature and focused in practice. they get rewarded by participating in what we will do in each practice, provided they bring energy to the game.

They usually like to scrimmage in small sided games so that they get lots of touchs. Since I incorporate technical training in all their warmups we still get a chance to refine their first touch, ball control skills and “quick feet”

Its gratifying to see them developing as people as well as in their mastery of the game


Tournament complete

February 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I thought we played our best game this morning until this evening when we faced our best rivals, Blue Valley Soccer Club.  We lost 5-4 but were the better team for most of the game.

They scored twice on goofy shots in the first minute and had one bounce in off 3 deflections in the second half for the win. Thisiis a team that has beaten us 10-0 in the outdoor game before/  The parents and girls were ecstatic

i bought them all futsal tourney tshirts (67% off ), to help seal in the memory of a job well done, and because i know the value of a tshirt normally 😛

The girls are really looking forward to the ourdoor season which starts at the end of march.  My assistant coach and good friend, jason, is a student here at the college. he is on orders for Iraq, maybe shifting to Afghanistan for a year long tour after he gradiates. His family will stay here and I will help keep watch over Lindsey his daughter (and our star goalie this tourney)and Brandon, his son.  They are such a wonderful family, already on our prayer list.

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