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Congratulations to Argentina and Germany to play for World Cup tomorrow.

July 12, 2014 Leave a comment

I definitely think the two best teams in the tournament made the finals. Nice work with Netherlands completing their tournament with the professional and thorough defeat of Brazil. I would like to see Roberto Martinez coach Brazil’s national team, I think his commentary throughout the World Cup has been phenomenal and inspirational. I really admire his love and understanding of the game. He’s the kind of coach the players want to play for


FC Kansas City wins their first league game, top of the table vs Seattle Reign, 2-0

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English: Lauren Cheney of the (WPS) Womens Pro...

English: Lauren Cheney of the (WPS) Womens Professional Soccer Club, Boston Breakers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

reat win by FC Kansas City vs Seattle Reign last night;  FCKC plays an attractive possession -style game and take their chances with quick counterattacking strikes using their speedy striker.  Lauren Cheney showed why she is world class in the midfield, bringing calm and order to the game whenever she got the ball on her foot.  Strong and confident with the ball, she plays connecting passes with superb touch.  Scott was great in the holding midfield role, winning possession and stopping the Reign counterattacks countless times.  The outside wingers and backs are very active and provide support with confidence and speed.  The  center backs are strong, fast reliable in possession and get the attack moving on both sides of the field.  This is a great team for young soccer players to watch to see an excellent team-concept being worked under game conditions.  The Blues play at a very high level, with skill, and not the usual American athletic long-ball style.

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LUSC U13G victory in the Challenger Cup

really proud of this group of girls.  Tough as nails and very good sportsmen



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LUSC U13G earn a hard-fought victory 3-1 today

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Report from the soccer game today  from coach Greg.  So proud of that team
Thanks as always.  It was a tale of two hallfs.  First half, they played in our half much of the time, had the wind.  Defense was worked to it’s max.  They scored on a long shot that the wind took.  Gil played it well, but it was hit hard and slipped throughout her fingers as it was up in the air, and fell in.  I thought we were down 1-0 at half, but after the game I found out we had a goal in the first half.  So, 1-1.  But needless to say, I challenged the girls to dominate this team with passing and winning the 50/50 balls.  They did.  The other team only had 3 runs into our side of the field.  I had the outside backs pressure higher on the pitch.  They did.  Haley, savannah played amazing.  Emma and sadie played some outside back to help the rotation and did good.  Rachel hit on on a penalty kick, and it hit the post.  Emma made a great run, after the outside and mid fielder switched the ball to the other side and she split 2’defenders and had a shot hinthe post.  Taylor and Lex did wonderful.  Taylor hit a shot from 30 and sunk it.  It told the girls that we had the wind so look to pepper the goal.  They did.  I thought it was 1-1 at that point and we had two more minutes left.  I challenged them to finish hard and get the winning goal.  Emma did in the final 20 seconds.
You would have been very proud of them.  That second half  was total domination.
Safe trip home.  See you Monday.
Oh, Rachel was not feeling good.  I played Lindsay at holding, she is a true holding mid.  She won 3 balls with headers out Of the air, protected her back line with her work rate, and connected very well to the mid fielders.  Sara played out of her mind in mid field.  She listens well and played some wonderful through balls to set the team up many times.
Great game!

Soccer champions

August 26, 2011 1 comment

Leavenworth United Soccer Club U13G team: champions of the Challenger Classic soccer tournament in Kansas City 9-2 Aug

record: 3-0-1.  scored 13 goals and gave up 1.




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Champions final set

Barca was a machine against RM; blew them off the field;  Arsenal just showed how to crack Man U with short fast passes, where Barca excels. Will MU be able to use size and strength to penetrate the Barca box? RM couldnt and they were just as big and fast as MU.  I love MU but man, what a challenge they face. Giggs: activate!

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Futsal season concludes with our best games of the season

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

really proud of our girls as they finished the season with a couple very well played, competitive games.

even at age 12 they are becoming more mature and focused in practice. they get rewarded by participating in what we will do in each practice, provided they bring energy to the game.

They usually like to scrimmage in small sided games so that they get lots of touchs. Since I incorporate technical training in all their warmups we still get a chance to refine their first touch, ball control skills and “quick feet”

Its gratifying to see them developing as people as well as in their mastery of the game