BrainMode power

A new page to explore the insights from the BrainMode power system of self-development.

My Brainmode power report to share

I am partnering with the Hadron Group, inventors of the BrainMode power system, one of whose founding members was a professor for me in my doctoral studies. I have applied the BMp system in my own life with very interesting and satisfying results.

I discovered that I am

primarily an auditory learner, which helped me make sense of some troubling events from my time in combat in Panama in Operation Just Cause. I will tell that story later. I have applied BMp in my traidng practice and in my teaching practice with interetsing and useful results.

I find the system offers more and varied insights than those found in the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (in which I am certified as well) and in the Kolb Learninging Style Inventory. Both systems are sound and helpful, but I find BMp to go beyond their insights.

There are two products in the BMp system:

  • Brain Pathways (and report) retails for $35 and consists of a 7 min online instrument that produces a 14 page report tailored to your learning preferences and cognitive processing preferences.( Full disclosure: I receive a 25% referral fee)
  • BrainMode power for professional development: The same instrument is taken, a 21 page tailored report is produced, and a series of 14 weekly follow up reports are distributed that contain additional in-depth insights, and learning/self-awareness exercises that are aligned with your particular preference styles.  As a distributor I can offer the bundle and follow-up consulting
  • BrainMode power is also configured to help with team development, organization and performance, and offers insihgts into how to mix and match styles and how to map team compositions that will give insights into group dynamics.
I am turning my own personal learning journal into a structured workbook for traders because I believe that trading, as such an individual personalized pursuit is doiminated by your psychological resilience and capabilities. I believe that BMp offers an important tool for the individual traders to add to their toolkit.
I am sponsoring a traders workshop in kansas City with the founders of the instrument and system to see how we can develop even deeper insights into the application of BMp to the trading practice.
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