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FC Kansas City wins their first league game, top of the table vs Seattle Reign, 2-0

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English: Lauren Cheney of the (WPS) Womens Pro...

English: Lauren Cheney of the (WPS) Womens Professional Soccer Club, Boston Breakers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

reat win by FC Kansas City vs Seattle Reign last night;  FCKC plays an attractive possession -style game and take their chances with quick counterattacking strikes using their speedy striker.  Lauren Cheney showed why she is world class in the midfield, bringing calm and order to the game whenever she got the ball on her foot.  Strong and confident with the ball, she plays connecting passes with superb touch.  Scott was great in the holding midfield role, winning possession and stopping the Reign counterattacks countless times.  The outside wingers and backs are very active and provide support with confidence and speed.  The  center backs are strong, fast reliable in possession and get the attack moving on both sides of the field.  This is a great team for young soccer players to watch to see an excellent team-concept being worked under game conditions.  The Blues play at a very high level, with skill, and not the usual American athletic long-ball style.

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Weekend reflection process

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a depiction of Sun Wukong wielding his staff

a depiction of Sun Wukong wielding his staff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RJ: the asker of great questions, asked:

Hi Ken,
Do you have anything written on a weekend review process for a trading journal and trade chart markups?
Double loop learning requires review of work but I don’t have a well-defined process for weekend reviews.
I searched the chatroom and your essays but either didn’t use the right search terms or just didn’t find anything written.
Could you recommend some reading or anything else so I can develop an effective weekend process?
Thank you.

I replied: Try this on: this is what i find myself doing, over and over until someday I get it right:

0. Center ourselves on who we are and feel gratitude for the gift of life and consciousness to reflect on the wonder that is our Self and the world around us
1. Accept who we are and our desire to improve
2. Review what we aim to know, to do, to be (review goals and objectives)
3. Review the facts about what was done, including detailed performance stats as part of our ongoing study
4. Observe the slope of the trendlines and the volatility of our performance (all our trades and all our actions and all our feelings)
5. Review the forms and checklists to ensure discipline was performed; what did we overlook, where did we take shortcuts, and why?
6. Look for moments arising from the facts that seem to be important, trusting in our intuitions to nominate reflections
7. Follow the trails of reflection, connected to facts
8. Identify the A HA! moments
9. Conduct the 4 part learning journal exercise (A Ha moment, Reflection, Commitment to action, Results)
10. Commit our spirit and self to the next cycle of the wheel of improvement which continues to turn

this is what happens when i start writing after reading from the book of tales of Sun Wukong (The Monkey King)