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Congressional pay freeze recommendation doesn’t go far enough

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I applaud the idea, but it doesn’t go far enough.  How about Congressmen get a pay cut proportional to the size of the deficit budgets they pass?  So, this year they should receive a 40% pay cut

Congratulations to  President Obama for passing a bill to spend more money and raise more taxes. That’s the leadership you voted for


RLCO case study rlco20121227uvxy

December 28, 2012 Leave a comment  RLCO case study rlco20121227uvxy

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in search of a hook

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Future Force game in the news at the Army Times

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Hot Pants

A nice write-up in the Army Times on the Future Force game I designed for the Command & General Staff College. It was cool to see my family commenting in the discussion session.

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market health check Dec 27, 2012


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Detroit: it’s what you insisted on

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It’s sad to see my home town descend into such disgrace. It wouldn’t be this bad if Republicans were in charge and were really as evil as Democrats are incompetent.  Unemployed and not looking 47%  35% on foodstamps; 1000s of homes abandoned’. Population cut in half in 20 yrs

“Leaders” crying out for more dole

Meanwhile Democrat poster boy Warren Buffett is engaging in the completely legal tax avoidance behavior that is getting Google pilloried fpr prudent fisuciarily responble decisions about what to do with their money.

How The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business ...

dare people act in such a way as to deny government every possible dollar?  the nerve!