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The message of Hope and Change in Joplin?

Of all the things to emphasize to the high school graduates of a community that has experienced the outpouring of support from all around the state and nation, the President chooses these words:


President Obama told teens who had survived an EF-5 tornado that they’d meet all sorts of nasty people in life, but that they’d be prepared for it. Flying to Missouri after the NATO summit in Chicago, Obama gave the commencement address tonight at Joplin High School. “I imagine that as you begin the next stage in your journey, you will encounter greed and selfishness; ignorance and cruelty,” Obama told the kids in prepared remarks. “You will meet people who try to build themselves up by tearing others down; who believe looking after others is only for suckers.”

he is like a relentless campigning shark:  How can he use the local story to further his message. 

Pay no attention to the help[ and support from private donoirs and volunteers, just get brainwashed by the Democratic talking points. Clown is as clown does

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