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commentary on managing change

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Creating a vision

Managing politics

Manage transition

Sustain momentum

Can you crosswalk those five major activities to and AI approach?

How can AI positively affect each of those?

What can we do to reinforce new behaviors at the managerial level?

Once the speeches are over and the awards have been presented we all go back to our desk to start working, what changed is a result of our intervention?

How do we institutionalize the positive change?


reflections on Kotter’s change model and appreciative inquiry

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Change Management process ITIL

Change Management process ITIL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should organizations be looking at how to change themselves to adapt to an environment or should they look for environments in which their organization is prone to succeed and stay with what they know?
Those who believe in the latter approach, are advocates of the core competency model.
Kotter‘s model is concerned about minimizing error or avoiding it altogether. Can his model be reconciled with the positivist approach of appreciative inquiry?
Kotter’s model seems to emphasize the top-down approach through leadership, beginning with vision and having the leaders drive the change direction and change management. Only after the vision is established does he talk about communicating for buy-in. Does this bypass stakeholders for the sake of efficiency? Is there room in the Kotter model for good ideas from the bottom to dictate the direction of the organization?
Is it reasonable to expect that people at the bottom levels of the organization have sufficient strategic insight to be able to offer good advice on strategy?  In other words, is everybody’s opinion equally valuable?
In the face of resistance, how do we know when it’s time to persevere and push through or time to adapt?  One man’s persistence is another man’s stubbornness.
One of the principles of action research when it comes to making change stick is the importance of making changes in infrastructures and policies. That doesn’t seem to be part of Kotter’s eighth step. Is that an oversight?
When is innovation the enemy of efficiency? How do we know whether to prefer the new change over improving our current process through standardization and eliminating waste?

The message of Hope and Change in Joplin?

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Of all the things to emphasize to the high school graduates of a community that has experienced the outpouring of support from all around the state and nation, the President chooses these words:


President Obama told teens who had survived an EF-5 tornado that they’d meet all sorts of nasty people in life, but that they’d be prepared for it. Flying to Missouri after the NATO summit in Chicago, Obama gave the commencement address tonight at Joplin High School. “I imagine that as you begin the next stage in your journey, you will encounter greed and selfishness; ignorance and cruelty,” Obama told the kids in prepared remarks. “You will meet people who try to build themselves up by tearing others down; who believe looking after others is only for suckers.”

he is like a relentless campigning shark:  How can he use the local story to further his message. 

Pay no attention to the help[ and support from private donoirs and volunteers, just get brainwashed by the Democratic talking points. Clown is as clown does

Australia and Canada for the long haul

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American investor Jim Rogers in Madrid (Spain)...

American investor Jim Rogers in Madrid (Spain) during an interview. Español: El inversor norteamericano Jim Rogers en Madrid (España) durante una entrevista. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jim Rogers : The faster numbers will be in economies that are well managed and that have commodities because commodities are in a bull market. Indonesia is doing much better this decade than it did in the 1990s because there was a commodity bear market in those days. Australia is going to do better than Belgium. Canada is going to do better than the United States. So you look for well managed countries which have a lot of commodities and you will probably make a huge amount of money. I am not putting money on Congo which has a lot of commodities because this is not well managed. I would look at well-managed commodities countries.- in Economic Times

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There was a ton of press about the horrors of  JP Morgan about 2B in losses but here is California misunderestimating their budget shortfalls by 7B in the last 4 minutes

California’s budget deficit has swelled to $16 billion after tax collections trailed projections amid the tepid economic recovery, Governor Jerry Brown said in a comment on his Twitter post.

The shortfall has widened from the $9.2 billion Brown estimated in January, after lawmakers resisted the Democrat’s call for cost cuts, the federal government blocked other reductions and April income-tax revenue missed budget forecasts by $2 billion. On May 14, he’s set to unveil a revised spending plan and to say how he would erase the gap.

the president hides behind his daughters on the issue of gay marriage

the president’s re-election committee’s daily emails says that he supoprts gay marriage because his daughters wouldnt be able to understand why the same sex parents of their friends shouldnt be treated equally.

because its a good idea to make your own moral judgments based on the sensibilities of children, rather than making an adult level decision on your own

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LUSC U13G victory in the Challenger Cup

really proud of this group of girls.  Tough as nails and very good sportsmen



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