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Gingrich: an inch deep and a mile wide, his own anti-message

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What a disaster for the Republicans Gingrich is.  having had 3 years to craft a message of hope, growth, opportunity and fiscal sanity, they have found themselves worshipping the mouth that roared.

Gingrich’s personal life evidences such a lack of discipline that it undermines the party’s claims of bringing sober, responsible, controlled limited government to Washington.  But the republicans have almost enver really stood for limited government except for a few brief shining years in the 80s. Their cozy relationship with multi-national corporations and large scale defense contractors, and their record of spending when in power  surely is convincing that their governing principle is more of the same but with the trough tilted in their direction.

Gingrich will make the campaign and election a personal thing, a battle fo 2 different cults of personality, and make it all about who holds the reins of power in a DC centric scheme of government. The Gingrich myth is for a return to small limited governemnt, but he is making it all about him and grand re-inventions.  That is the antithesis of small government.

Gingrich is tailor made for an outrage-a-day media which needs politicians to write their lead for them, and so Gingrich is their preferred candidate.

Romney’s story lines are so bland and convioluted, and require deep analysis that the press must surely dread the work that opposition reserarch on him would entail.  All they have to do to get good headlines is offer him a microphone, and their week is set.

After 3 years of opportunity to make the anti-Obama case, this is what the republicans have become: a bundle of one liners and dice rolls in the hands of  an ego maniac with little to no self restraint .

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