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Channelling TR? Should have gone for Andrew Jackson

Gingrich family portrait

Image by Douglas Coulter via Flickr

I wish the President would go back a little further and channel Old Rough and Ready, and then get rid of the Fed. It’s hard to fault him though, as he is grasping at straws.

The sad thing is, grasping at straws and just flicking that jab out  keeps the Republicans at bay while they desperately search for their fighter. Gingrich is coming out to toe the line, but if the Democrats ever wanted to design the perfect cartoon to represent the Republicans in the minds of their base its Gingrich. He embodies every stereotype that the Democrats wish were true of all Republicans: undisciplined, tool of the rich, flip flopper, uncaring, believes in differential outcomes while mouthing the words of equality of opportunity; accepts bribes, I mean he was a million dollar historian as a consultant.

That’s much different than Clintoon working with Corzine.

And now Gingrich says he will appoint John Bolton as Sec State: that will gain approximately zero independent voters, consolidate the left wing talking points and not convince any Republicans who aren’t already in his camp.

I’d buy ringside seats for a live unscripted debate though 🙂

  1. Terry Lesniak
    December 8, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    I’ll take ringside seats as well to an unscripted debate…between Clinton and Bolton.

    Bolton is a good choice.

    Forget about being obsequious to the democratic base. It’s about time someone from the Republican party spoke up in an articulate, optimistic and understandable manner that allows voters a clear choice, not only in foreign policy, but economics as well.

    Let the war of conflicting visions begin!

    Lets end “the grasping of straws” which is nothing more than the bankruptcy of ideas.

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