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A most excellent resource for doctoral students struggling with their dissertation writing

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Focused coaching for a price that’s a real value if you know the dollar value of your time.

My personal experience with doctoral writing was that you have to learn how to get out of your own way when it comes to writing. if you listen to the voice of criticism inside your own head, you end up trying to pre-answer all your emerging objections in the same sentence. You end up with a Byzantine sentence structure that is perfectly understandable to you but which is impenetrable to the casual reader


2x every single dollar Penn State football made in the last 25 yrs into a trust fund for victims

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it is the height of hypocrisy and worship of the almighty football dollar that the NCAA and new regime at Penn State is allowing a football game to be played tomorrow.

Disgusting. Can you even listen to their protestations about restorng their reputation?

they should forfeit twice every precious dollar they “earned” in the last 25 years, which should go into a trust fund Superfund for the victims of Sandusky and for victims across the nation

Joe Frazier, Rest in Peace

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watching the Frazier-Ali trilogy, and it just makes me admire Joe Frazier all the more.  the 14th round of the fight in Manilla was just a testimony to human spirit. Angelo Dundee said “the fight becomes more important than life itself.

joe frazier

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i think both men died that day

Joe is and always will be the Champ

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Foxes meet henhouse: get rid of Geithner as a start

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Kuttner nails it, a classic case of foxes guardung the henhouse, and more evidence of why the banking industry’s influence in the Treasury Department is bad for the nation

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Gingrich running for Cain’s VP

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Gingrich is running for Cain’s VP;  it will be worth it just for the VP debate.  You’d have an eloquent but rendered harmless policy wonk who can dismantle Biden and give intellectual and politcal weight to Cain, much like Biden alleged was to have give Obama.


based on Lichtman’s 13 keys, however, Obama is still a lock

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MG Fuller: over/under was 1

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I won the office pool on when MG Fuller would  lose his job.  The over under was 1 day. I picked under. He knew precisely what the consequences would be.  Such are the consequences of telling the unvarnished truth in public

The 4 part learning journal

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My dissertation research involving planning and managing a network of related Participatory Action Research projects. For most of these I was doing theoretical, methodological and practitioner literature reviews and background readings to supplement the group actions. At the same time I was maintaining an individual learning journal to record my reflections on the research processes as they unfolded. I adapted Kurt Lewin’s two column journal  into a four column learning journal to help me keep track of all the moving pieces. It  turned out to be a very effective way for me to record the insights in the moment, to extend the learning with reflective thinking,  to commit to actions, and recording the subsequent results of my actions. This ended up being a good way to maintain my research and reading notes as well, since I kept it in a searchable Word document and used keywords and tags for all my entries.  After using this structured note sheet for several months I realized that it was a manifestation of the action research cycle itself, and discovered how life had come to imitate art once more.  Although this seems like a small administrative thing, I found the four part learning journal’s structure to be an indispensible tool in integrating my projects, notes, reflections and findings.  The table below is the basic format I used. I found the landscape paper orientation a better fit for keeping extensive notes. I have shared this simple tool with a number of graduate students who I am mentoring and they report similar findings on its usefulness.

The A-Ha! moment or insight Reflective thinking notes Commitment to action notes Results of actions taken