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Awesome cloudbank last night coming home from Denver

wish i’d have had a camera on the plane last night coming back from Denver
the pilot says “we are going to go around this large weather front just east of Denver
he wasnt kidding. it was early evening so we had evening lighting of a storm front that was 200 miles long from north to south. there was a wall of thunderheads from about 5,000 feet to about 40,000 ft. we were cruising at 38,000 and could see the massive wall of white. throughout the cloudfront there was a mix of heat lightning and regular lightning
as we came around the southern end and banked east to head to KC, there were 2 pairs of F16s flying west that were right on the edge of the cloudfront hauling ass. looked like space ships
we had about 30 min of wonder as we banked around the clouds and could see it stretching hundreds of miles northward, creeping east to wards KC like a glacier.
in the words of the philosopher, Larry the cable guy, “I dont care who you are, that’s awesome right there”
  1. November 11, 2011 at 11:52 am

    This is a very unique sight. It is really terrifying but amazing as well . I Hope I could capture this sight with my DSLR camera.

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