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Forced cuts and Congressional politics

Republican Party (United States)

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Given the political climate in DC and the cynical, self-serving behavior of both parties which is the predictable downside of an entrenched 2 party system, the following scenario really concerns me:

I dont think the Republicans in Congress want to win the Presidential election in 2012, since they know the economy isnt going to heal in the time frame 2012-2014. There’s too much long term structural damage.

I believe they want to win the Senate in 2012 so that they can manage legislation that a President is forced to go along with, especially THIS President who has shown that he can be rolled.

So, if the 2 parties and their super committee cant sort through the budget reduction agreements in time, then automatic cuts go into place which supports the Republican agenda, DoD will take an extraordinary hit and this will be played out as gutting defense and attach itself tot he President which will tube his chances, as well as the Dems in the Senate who will be seen as ineffective weaklings.

That plays into the narrative for 2012 for Repubs to win the Senate.

What a horrible scenario, and what a horrible way to run a railroad

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