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willing to do anything for work…really?

I work for money. I have managed to find 2 careers where i love what I do, but if they stopped paying me, I’d stop doing that because I am a father with kids to feed and work for money > work for satisfaction.

until Americans are willing to do the jobs that Americans arent willing to do, the rhetoric about “I’m willing to do anything…” is simply rhetoric

my resume at age 53:
in HS:
unskilled labor in landscaping
unskilled machine operator in manufacturing

in college:
security guard (for 2 years to earn enough money to complete my education; had to take a break in undergraduate studies when i ran out of money, and wouldnt take a student loan)

after college:
HS teacher (1 year; a horrible experience: hell is other teachers in the teacher lounge)
enlisted in Army, truckdriver (3 years)
Army officer (22 years)
College professor 10 years (and ongoing)
Small business owner 15 years (and ongoing)

  1. Terry Lesniak
    July 24, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    In West Palm Beach they can’t find qualified applicants to drive a bus. Starting pay over $11 an hour. A majority who applied, just over 50%, had criminal records(an astounding number) and were automatically disqualified. For those who are not criminally inclined, these positions still remain unfilled. You might not find the work appealing but $440 a week is better than $0 a week.

    The idea of ” I’m willing to do anything ” is just that…simply rhetoric.

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