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Chickens coming home to roost, find henhouse foreclosed

Here is your entitlement mentality at work.

Here are people who don’t understand the meaning of “I am willing to do anything to get a job”  but dont realize that this means you have to do work you really dislike.

socialism works until you run out of other peoples money, and the globe has simultaneously run out of other peoples’ money.

This is the real problem with big government solutions: you postpone the day of reckoning until there is no possible solution short of revolution, by which i mean defaulting on the Fed‘s balance sheet.

Welfare recipients should be working to revitalize the urban core, and building local Victory gardens, painting the roofs white, and returning responsibility to local communities.

Cut the DoD in half, bring the soldiers home, put them in charge of the social reconstruction of local communities. They have the leadership and energy and 10 years of negotiating their way through village building in a combat zone that could help us all get out of this hole.

But guess what: people are going to have to work on jobs that are more directly related to generating goods and services. This includes: roofing, agriculture, road construction, care for the elderly,… ie the “jobs that Americans wont do”


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