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An intervenee always views interventionist behavior as extreme

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Democrats regard Thomas Jefferson as the found...

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the democrats are loud and proud about calling for “shared commitment in raising taxes from those most able to pay”

arent those people allowed to say no?

will democrats be able to compel the rest of the world to  fund our debt since they will soon be in a better position to pay than us?

take your medicine, go cold turkey and get on with it is what the tea partiers are saying


What some might call pandering, others call…stewardship?

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real political courage and leadership on display to expand the entitlement program even further in California.  That’s real stewardship of the public trust and treasure right there

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willing to do anything for work…really?

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I work for money. I have managed to find 2 careers where i love what I do, but if they stopped paying me, I’d stop doing that because I am a father with kids to feed and work for money > work for satisfaction.

until Americans are willing to do the jobs that Americans arent willing to do, the rhetoric about “I’m willing to do anything…” is simply rhetoric

my resume at age 53:
in HS:
unskilled labor in landscaping
unskilled machine operator in manufacturing

in college:
security guard (for 2 years to earn enough money to complete my education; had to take a break in undergraduate studies when i ran out of money, and wouldnt take a student loan)

after college:
HS teacher (1 year; a horrible experience: hell is other teachers in the teacher lounge)
enlisted in Army, truckdriver (3 years)
Army officer (22 years)
College professor 10 years (and ongoing)
Small business owner 15 years (and ongoing)

Chickens coming home to roost, find henhouse foreclosed

July 24, 2011 2 comments

Here is your entitlement mentality at work.

Here are people who don’t understand the meaning of “I am willing to do anything to get a job”  but dont realize that this means you have to do work you really dislike.

socialism works until you run out of other peoples money, and the globe has simultaneously run out of other peoples’ money.

This is the real problem with big government solutions: you postpone the day of reckoning until there is no possible solution short of revolution, by which i mean defaulting on the Fed‘s balance sheet.

Welfare recipients should be working to revitalize the urban core, and building local Victory gardens, painting the roofs white, and returning responsibility to local communities.

Cut the DoD in half, bring the soldiers home, put them in charge of the social reconstruction of local communities. They have the leadership and energy and 10 years of negotiating their way through village building in a combat zone that could help us all get out of this hole.

But guess what: people are going to have to work on jobs that are more directly related to generating goods and services. This includes: roofing, agriculture, road construction, care for the elderly,… ie the “jobs that Americans wont do”

Tea baggers confuse leadership with ideological purity

July 23, 2011 2 comments

Republican Party (United States)

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By playing their game of tactical chicken to appease a subset of the  republican party, the GOP has already walked away from the best deal they were going to get;  There was a chance to get important concessions on major entitlements, but  the no new taxes mantra puts us back into gridlock.  The deal that’s finalized will eb worse for both parties and the country.

Looking for our Cincinnatus to bring sanity to DC

This is what you get

July 20, 2011 2 comments

This is what you get when you essentially compress an industry into a utility and put governmetn in charge of it: massive cost overruns, unreliable forecasting predictions, lack of accountability, and no viable alternatives.

Given the record of government’s ability to deliver on time, on price target, to standard, is it really a good idea to turn health care over to the governemtn ot manage?

You can also see how the oil industry is heading this way as well, with nationalized oil and gas pproduction.

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fantastic World Cup championship game, congratulations to Japan!

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Sport in childhood. Association football, show...

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Congratulations to Japan on winning the women’s World Cup in soccer in a beautiful demonstration of what soccer can be. Both teams played to the highest level and played beautifully. The soccer gods were smiling on the Japanese and the Americans will be kicking themselves for their inability to convert their numerous chances in the first half. The skill level was exceptional and there was no evidence of cynical play. Sportsmanship was everywhere and the host nation Germany turned out in record numbers to witness the event. The Americans showed a lot of class and are to be congratulated on their superb performance throughout the term. We are as proud of them as we can be and in time we hope that that helps them with their obvious disappointment. Our hearts go out to them but even more so to the people.