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Tradestation system bundles ready to go

The TradeStation Bundle2 is just about finished; I was proofing the code and appearance today and in the words of Bill Brower, Tradestation programming wizard: “This is very cool”

The “Alphastat” which uses linear regression lines  and statistics to define trends, can be applied to any number of symbols in order to find those symbols, from a  population with the reatest relative strength vs the market  and the rest of the population, and just as importantly, when it goes out of leadership and runs out of steam. It provides an excellent tool to judge when to harvest profits after a good run in a un a unique way.  There are a batch of other indicators too which support many different styles of trading, related to finding moments of relative advantage, and a “state change” in multiple time frames.

A state change occurs when the underlying conditions of the symbol/market make a nonlinear change or turning point. Being able to get alerts at the crucial times is very handy

the frog style trading is continuing to impress. Our supertrader continued his performance with a 6R trade today with less than optimal entries and exits.  Turning out to be a very robust and popular strategy

Example: MCD (see attached case study) was top 5 Frog candidate today (and also tomorrow), and yielded between 3-5R without any effort at adding positions or finetuning exits

I will be asking our Tradestation programmer to code that as a separate module. his estimate is that a system that performs like this goes typically for 5K in the tradestation world.  more to follow 🙂


Tradestation Bundle 1: a set of 6 swing trade mechanical systems, a continuation pattern module (makin it 12 swing systems) and a set of intraday trade management indicators that use rangestat and standard deviation to calibrate profit opportunities

Bundle 2: a set of 6  market and population classification systems that alert you to trends and state changes in all time frames and markets

Bill has seen packages with much less go for 5K each in Tradestation land.  IITM clients and seminar attendees get steep discounts;  contact me for more detailed specs and prices

  1. Rich Murray
    October 20, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    Ken, a question regarding TS Bundle 1 that I did not get to ask at VTI this weekend. Are there any other prerequisites. I trade in an IRA account via Fidelity must I be trading via TS. Would there be a value for me. I liked what I saw in Mike’s demo Saturday PM.

    Just started to review course work. Great job, even better than the Core class I took in 2011.

    Rich Murray

  1. August 14, 2011 at 12:56 am
  2. October 20, 2014 at 11:59 pm

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