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Weekend review, Apr 30, 2011

  • Market in Bull Normal;  Market is Overbought on a short term basis
  • Equities have broken through the previous swing high, with signs of confidence in Asia less Japan and Europe emerging
  • US Dollar plummets to its lowest point in years.
  • Precious metals, commodities, energy  of any type are dominating, especially silver  (which is beginning to look toppy)
  • Rebalancingproject:
    • Monthly rebalancing : next re-evaluation  on/about  1 June
      • 331 is holding  EWA, MDY, IWM;
      • 631 is holding EWA, MDY, IWM
      • Quarterly rebalancing: next re-evaluation  on/about  1 July. 333 is holding DIA, MDY, IWM;
  • ETF2 notes:   add a position in EWG (Germany) adjust stops
    • Theoretical exposure is recommended at 100%;
    • model portfolio remains at 100%

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