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mountains and efficiency

K2 in summer.

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I am thinking about “efficiency” in time(t) as Gain/TrueRange(sum)

the TrueRange = sum of distance travelled on the way to getting the gain

think of a perfect ramp from groundlevel to mountaintop

think of rolling hills from groundlevel to mountaintop

think of a series of identically high mountains from ground level to mountaintop

think of 5 mountain twice as high as the mountain you end up on

how hard did you have to work to get to the final mountain top?

that’s efficiency

the load you are carrying along the way = (your fears x your greed x your hope)

the load each trade is carrying = sumproduct of all your emotions

the more emotions you are carrying, the harder each trade is “to lift”

without your emotions, the trade is simply the ruleset at work

when you add your emotions each trade is working harder because of the extra load you have introduced

  1. Terry Lesniak
    April 4, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    I find emotions are a useful step towards careful observation. They don’t necessarily represent negative excess baggage. On the contrary…fear is a useful tool.

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