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the next knee-jerk reaction

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now i suppose there is a good reason why Obama, who has been silent in public on his reasoning and authority to committ the US to another war in the Middle East, has now decided, in the face of pressure to address the nation.

The most obvious reason, ie the latest tap on the knee, is the simple and powerful essay by Peggy Noonan, whose insights are no more earthshattering than usual, but simply  recounts the historical precedent that in a democratic republic the President MUST explain himself to the people (even if he has sidestepped their Congress)

In other words, here is the administration charting the next leg of its drunked dailor walk thru policy based on a knee-jerk reaction to public opinion

How many untapped knees yet remain?!

  1. he didnt act at first in Libya, except to mouth platitudes, until forced to do so by shame
  2. he finally acted, but without explaining it to anyone
  3. he didnt own the situation, but hoped it would just blow over
  4. he came home early from the ineffectual party in Rio
  5. he would rather be watching the ballgame
  6. he wants to be President but not Presidential

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