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the high frontier of graduate education

Bertrand Russell's views on philosophy

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my take on the internal/external elements of AQAL as it connects to our role in higher education, is that we have an obligation to be a critical mirror for our students

we engage with them to mutually learn critical thinking skills, and we give them feedback from deep in our own experience and research.

at its best this is a discourse, a real dialogue that can be dangerous because it is unscripted and open, an act of creation

if you believe your students are whole people with depth and breadth, and who’s full life is yet to be written, waiting to be discovered, then the act of mutual education cannot be reduced to s simple formula and neat maps; there is some element of wildness and chaos that will not be penned it. its the wild west at the frontier of knowledge;

otherwise we are just painting by the numbers

at times you find undergrads who have glimpses of this high country of the mind and its an exciting moment to come across an authentic thinker, who is capable of great and surprising things, who is willing to risk a free exchange of ideas

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