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I sure wish i had said this:

#6: Malcolm Gladwell is right, it takes 10,000 hours.

I don’t think I ever appreciated what it takes to just stay current and, in hindsight, never comprehended what it takes to become good. I mean really good.

Not to be overly dramatic but. . . blood, sweat and tears.

Most blogs die in 30 days, most Twitter accounts are full of crap and have few followers, most of us never read books, most of us rarely curate a really good list of RSS feeds and then read every post, most of us will never engage in a meaningful online debate, most of us will not start a website and care and feed it and implement 15 tools every single year purely to learn and push the universe known to us, most of us never consider taking a class or two to learn new skills, most of us refuse to work a few hours extra every week, most of us refuse to experiment with what makes us uncomfortable.

And yet it takes all that to be good at what you do.

Do the job you were hired to do as well as you possibly can, regardless of whether it is a dream job or not. Then in small and big ways, figure out how to spend an extra five hours a week on you. Just five.

He is discussing web analytics, but is really discussing right thought and right action and right attitude;  he is nudging his way to excellence, sharpening his tools daily. admirable and inspiring

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