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The Navy: making the other services look mature by comparison

Flag of the United States Navy
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The fact that the Navy thinks that there really isnt anything wrong with the culture says a lot more about the Navy than about the people outside the service who just dont get it.

This is what hapens when you have an insular insiders club dominated by yahoos and bullies.  There’s no excuse for “boys will be boys” when your rank gives you the authority to be a jackass.

“While Capt. Honors’s performance as commanding officer of the USS Enterprise has been without incident, his profound lack of good judgment and professionalism while previously serving as executive officer on Enterprise calls into question his character and completely undermines his credibility to serve effectively in command,” said Adm. John C. Harvey Jr., commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command

The Navy has made periodic efforts to clamp down on the Shellback initiations, urging commanders to dispense with belly-licking and “beauty contests” in which male sailors dress up as women. Navy commanders also have begun to play a more prominent role in monitoring the shipboard ceremonies to ensure that sailors aren’t offended.

“The videos were badly out of step with the current mood of the Navy,” said retired Capt. Kevin Eyer, who last commanded a cruiser in 2009. “It is inexplicable to me that [Honors] didn’t understand that he was in deep water.”

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