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Reflective learning in the markets

daily reports attached and some case studies that continue our development of the WMB entry technique (Williams%R, MACD-H, Breakout on candles)  (Will Make Bank)


Silver rewarded us by holding overnight on a large gap up, and we squeezed another 4-6R out of it, depending on how exits were managed.


We saw the relative strength in the international ETFs like EWZ and ILF, but my over-focus on silver kept me out until late in the intraday move;  EWZ could have been a “whale” of a trade like we experienced earlier in the week a couple times, if i had been more balanced


the attached case studies reflect me trying too hard to be early or being a little late/chasing. I am liking the discipline of this WMB technique to calibrate my timing.


the most important thing for me was the risk management decisions to exit properly and keep losses below 1R, followed up by being able to recognize, acknowledge, accept and release my feelings in the moment and regain my form


i recognize that as a discretionary rules-based trader that my judgments in the moment are a crucial part of my results: both wins and losses, and that documenting and learning from the results are crucial to my continued development.


I believe I have to keep pushing my boundaries, on the margin, in order to keep growing, to keep finding refinements

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