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No time for truth telling, it’s the story!

"At his press conference today, Governor ...
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What in the world was haley barbour thinking when he told an interviewer the truth about his life? That’s not the kind of prudent judgment that’s needed in the nation’s highest office.

How many times does he have to be told that you say anything BUT the truth?

He said:

“I just don’t remember it as being that bad,” Barbour had told Ferguson, noting that his hometown, Yazoo City, Miss., wasn’t at the flash point of racial tensions at the time.

Outrageous. Think of all the people who had been prepared to vote for him that are now turned off by those remarks that are so revealing of deep-seated….err…memories.  Has he completely forgotten the importance of making up a narrative that will play well and then stick to it, morphing it as needed?

Don’t bother me with details of how well he has governed, or how he has performed in his adult life for 40 years, rising to the heights of his profession and being known as a thoughtful person.

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