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Building a master Powerpoint file (or image dB) to support wide ranging discussions

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a terrific discussion here on the idea of having a 2500 slide Powerpoint master file

my reflection:

I use this exact technique when teaching Army Change Management and Army Sustainment

i have over 500 slides that illustrate certain points, many of which are cleaned up versions of story-boarding explanations i have used to clarify various issues over the years. I save them all by group/theme in 1 large file, and Ican call them up as needed to help visualize etc. Many of the little speeches associated with them I have produced as short YouTube style narratives using the slide as the visual and make them available to students. It is very freeing; i can call up support slides immediately and i always have the complete resource for any  presentation, which lets the conversation go where it naturally wants to and i can act as a guide.

In my private business as an equity trader and educator for stock traders i use the same technique and i have several thousands concept and practice case study slides that are in my master deck or stored as image files with a file naming nomenclature that allows for instant retrieval: not 1 PPT file but the same concept

i can also build subsets for particular audiences/themes lessons from the master.

bottom line: i always have 1 master file that contains EVERY interesting slide i have ever made

Size: less of an issue with Terabyte HDs but my 500 slide deck comes in at 40M: judicious use of graphics and .png image format


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