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Headline survey: the administration in fine form

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Democrat leadership (if you can really call Harry Reid a leader) blame the oil spill on greed: you can’t make that up. He makes Nancy Pelosi look like a statesman. Why has she been under wraps? Why isn’t the most powerful woman in american politics more prominently on display? I’d like to hear more about her ideas on how musicians shoild quit their jobs and live off the public teat while they pursue their dreams at our expense.

Apologizing to China over the Arizona law? How can they really do that without readng it first?  The knee-jerk reaction to blame  everything American is not a pretty sight.

Obama signs a press freedom law and refuses to take questions!  the best part will be listening to that blowhard press secretary Robert Gibbs spin that. Some of that vast intelligence at work again I suppose

I’d pay $50 to this democratic clown to run for national office. That he has had a prominent career in Connecticut tells you everything you need to know about the standards of Connecticut journalists and voters

Ted Turner continues to provide deep thinking to the Dems. He makes creationists look savvy

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