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Haitian Women’s national soccer team needs help

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This is a request for help to me that came from a close, personal friend of mine, Gaspard D’alexis, that I feel compelled to share with you.

Gaspard is the coach of the Omega Soccer Club here in Kansas City, and he is a pure and gentle soul, who has answered the call for help from his homeland of Haiti to help them rebuild their lives. Our teams have shared a partnership over the last few years and I ‘ve gotten to know him well.

Latest news http://www.kansascity.com/2010/04/20/1890727/kansas-city-coach-picked-to-restore.html

The soccer community in Kansas City is mobilizing to help him, but I thought I would do more by sharing his story with you.  My daughter plays on his team and I am helping his teams while he is in Haiti. Your thoughts and prayers are welcome; if  you can do more, I can testify to the need and the integrity that touches everything Gaspard does.

here is a moving ESPN documentary story of the Haitian women’s nation team that says it far better than my words can: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/eticket/story?page=100427/Haitisoccer

Hello Friends,You are receiving this email because you are among the special people I have had the privilege to work with, directly or indirectly, either in the past or in the present time. You might not know, but last month I was appointed Head Coach of Haiti ’s National Women’s Soccer Team by the Haitian Soccer Federation.  I am filling one of many voids created by the terrible earthquake that ravaged Haiti . The Head Coach, a friend of all Haitians, was one of the federation members who perished during the earthquake.

There are no words I can use to describe the current situation in Haiti and there are no words I can use to describe the way I feel about it. However, if I could have given my life in exchange for Haiti ’s misfortune, I would have done so without hesitation. Since the tradeoff did not happen and God put me on a different path, I promise to do my very best in what lays in front of me as the head coach and as a fellow Haitian and that is to help the Haitian people. It will take time, but with hard work, effort, and help “a lot of it” there is hope for a better tomorrow for Haiti .

My job description is not only to coach the women’s senior national team, but also to build the women’s soccer program in Haiti . I am doing so with very little money and few resources. One can ask why the importance is on the Haitian Soccer Team when the country needs everything.  The response is that soccer is a passion for the Haitian people and it brings unity among them. It reinforces hard work and common goals that give hope of improvement for all Haitian people.

“Walking together united in memory of you

We want to play regardless the circumstance
We may not have a field left to practice
We may now be living on the grass of our stadium
We may not have the proper equipment
We may, for now, only eat to survive
We know we are the lucky ones
We want to play because we are thankful for what we have
We know that surviving is our friend for a reason
We know that you are looking upon us
We want to make you proud of our effort
We want to make you smile wherever you are
We want to give you reasons to hope
We know hope is all we’ve got for now.
We know that hope is what we can afford…”

I’m trying to raise enough money to create a monthly allowance of $50.00 for each player on the national programs. We have currently sixty girls in three different age groups. The yearly budget stands at $36,000 and would cover all players for a year. The allowance will impact directly and positively sixty families. For most of the Haitian players it would be their only income to buy the bare minimum like water, soap and rice among others. Please, go to our web site at:www.haitiwomenssoccer.com if you would like to help me help Haiti . And then, you should please send to me an email to let me know the level of your help.

Thank you very much,

Gaspard Dalexis

Haiti National Women Soccer Team: 9807, Woodland Lane , Kansas City , MO 64131 913-484-1595

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