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Erasmus: the last educated man?

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There are some who say that Erasmus was the last man about whom it could be said that he knew all that there was to know (available at the time).  Ever since then the amount of knowledge being developed daily is increasing more rapidly than our ability to find, assess and add it to our personal knowledge base. The comes a tipping point when our cognitive strategies must shift from brute force knowledge acquisition to something else that retains the wide diversity, and the ability to go as deep as needed to satisfy the requirement deep with authority, rigor  and competence. I think of Mapquest cognitive maps in this regard: broad surveys with the ability to zoom in as requires.

This approach to search and navigation of the knowledge network places a premium on the quality of the indexes and tags and context sensitive search functions to give confidence that our netcast is appropriate for our knowledge need. It also suggests that team based learning will be a crucial skill, more so every year.

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