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Weekend retreats in Big Sur: great memories

Chinese poet Li Bai from the Tang dynasty, in ...
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When I was teaching at Monterrey at the Naval Post Graduate School, I spent every available weekend camping in Big Sur.  Weekend nights in the  redwood forests: life is good!I used to drive past the sign to the Esalen Institute every weekend on the way to the campground where i used to hang out, a little place called Treebones, which featured Mongolian yurts to sleep in instead of a motel. could thriw a stone in the ocean from the hillside where they were set up. most of the time though i was in a small tent next to the beach, listening to the seals and whales snorting at night. I’ve read a lot about Esalen but never stopped in; I am much more of a Taoist, of the Li Po variety, (sometimes known as Li Bai)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Bai

Big Sur and fog on a typical day in June.
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