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Mindfulness resources

Buddha, Kamakura, Japan
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in class discussion, mindfulness came up. here are some resources i have used for years to work on my own “practice of mindfulness”

excellent audio CD on proper breathing: a gateway to mindfulness


visualization techniques and meditations i have been using for years


Eckhardt Tolle is a recently popular “mindfulness” guru, but there is a somewhat unhealthy cultish phenomenon associating with him that concerns me

Alan Watts (Baba Ram Dass) was one of the early westerners to adopt the buddhist mindset/framework

to me,  Ken Cohen has non-denominational and lifelong credentials, and approaches the work with humility and commitment and selflessness, which is why i recommend his work

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  1. April 18, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    Ken, Thanks for this post. I have read many books and authors who have their own take on mindfulness. It’s important not to jump on a “band wagon” of any author or assume that there is one answer. When a particular sect or denomination speaks of their way as “the” way, I walk in the other direction. I’m not familiar with the work of Ken Cohen, but I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation. I have been wanting to check out the Qigong classes at my church. I’ve written a few posts on mindfulness on my blog Daily Spiritual Tools and would love your feedback. The most recent post is called “The “I” That Observes Me.” Namaste, Sherry

  1. May 17, 2010 at 9:23 pm

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