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The power of family values and hard work

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No Road Map Necessary – http://nyti.ms/aR0cfu

there are no one-size-fits-all blueprints only design goals and values and a commitment to live life forward. A wonder example and an inspiration of the infinite adaptability of life-in-action. This is evidence of the need for open socities and equal opportunity. Most importantly, to me, it revea;ls the power of family values and culture which opens us to the possibilities of every moment, and engages the energy of dreams to the hard work of getting ahead.

There arent any handouts and quotas, but hard work and family values. Cultures that dont reward her family values and her goals, and the tradeoffs she made, are not good cultures; those would be cultures that limit inspiration and effort. The same cultures that will look at the endstate of her results and demand that they get part of her results but without putting in the work or taking the risks.

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