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The argument for organizational diversity

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the argument for diversity is that when the rate of change is too large to “control” and/or when your system is subject to environmental changes that are non-linear/disruptive, you cannot use a “most efficient” command and control system, because you find the world moving on without you and you have no slack left to adapt with.

This is seen in organizations that have engineered out all of the flexibility.

Flexibility and adaptability are not free; there is a price to be paid in “inefficiency” in the same way that the insurance you buy that you dont use is “inefficient” when it comes to your investment returns.

But, we buy insurance precisely because we know that non-linear, disruptive events can occur without warning, AND we have evidence that they happen often enough that we should expect them.

To know that they are coming does not imply we can “control” them or plan to avoid them. Tornados and sickness will occur when they will. we can plan for, however, a way to minimize their effects.

Diversity gives us the raw materials to be adapt with, once we sort out what the challenge is that just hit us like a storm. Thats the genius of DNA and a robust gene pool;

wise leadership to me prepares for the things we can’t plan for or control

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