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Stanley Cup vs Superbowl: Peyton’s walk of shame

Stanley Cup in Hockey Hall of Fame
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all the controversy about Manning walking off the field only highlights the difference between hockey and football culture

Football is full of “me me me”: TO, Ocho Cinco, trash talking:  juvenile

Hockey is about the team AND respect for the other teams, all of them, who pushed you beyond what you thought were your limits:  Your opponent is respected fro their effort that made you go thru their fire.

Hockey’s tradition of handshaking is planned for, expected, and is for me the highlight of a yearlong honorable quest, even better than the skating of the cup, when you get to see the players acknowledge each other after the competition: its what makes us civilized again, right after the supreme competitive effort.

That’s why Cindy Crosby’s snub of Nick Lidstrom last year was so telling; Crosby lacked the maturity and poise to do the right thing, being so caught up in the moment; That’s what boys do, men  remain centered

American football culture cant wait to crown the winners and discard the “losers”. To even think in those terms tells you whats wrong with football culture that cant make time for the acknowledgement of the other.

If Peyton were a hockey player, with his respect for the game and his intensity, he would have been the first in line to congratulate, because he honors the traditions. But because he is a football player, he did what football players do: he acted like a loser and cleared the stage.

Football would be better if it were more like hockey.

Football would be better if it WERE hockey

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