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The business of war

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A crucial part of force generation is developing, maintaining and supporting industrial base capacity to research, develop, produce and perform life cycle maintenance on crucial equipment.

The Defense Business Board just made a series of recommendations on how to approach this issue. Examine the composition of the board and try to predict their policy recommendations.

The concern is: what is the appropriate role between the public and private sector in maintaining a tehcnological edge in such a capital intensive enterprise?

Does it make sense for the US to underwrite the technology and production of war materials in order to exert global influence on any other country which cannot compete economically in war production and must therefore align with us in order to have access to the toolsof war?

Does that lead us to institutionalizing a permanent war-focusd economy?

There are a lot of people globally who attribute just such an intentional policy to the US. What’s the evidence that they are wrong?

http://www.defensenews.com/story.php?i=4473225&c=AME&s=TOP But the Pentagon wont prop up poorly run busineesses;  but WILL help companies communicate better with the department (gravy train)

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