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Speech checklist

  • Blame Bush? check
  • Call republicans lying, scaremongering politically expedient hacks? check
  • Then invite republicans to be reasonable and cooperate? check
  • Use fuzzy unsupportable numbers?  check
  • increase the partisanship? check
  • have more other hands than an economist? check
  • gloss over disconfirming facts (like CBO analysis)? check
  • characterize opposition as haters and obstructionists and toadies to powerful interests? check
  • surround yourself with grinning halfwits like Biden and Pelosi? check
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  1. Matt Blankenship
    September 10, 2009 at 9:59 am

    There must be a light for “leap to feet and clap enthusiastically”. In small print “or you will be shamed and castigated and none of your pork will get through.”

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