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Not ready for primetime

Obama is disassembling before our eyes. The humiliations of selecting, and then staunchly supporting big government tax cheats, who wont play the same rules they want to impose on everyone else. Going to the Arab Street like a savior and a reasonable man in one package and getting kicked in the groin by a two bit thug. Backing off from his economic policy of buying American at the first sign of EU pressure. Executive orders signed without consultation. Closing Gitmo an suspending trials without knowledge of the details and consequences. A porked up spending bill that is so transparently political that its beyond embarassment. Can hardly wait for the next “Hail Mary” play.

You get what you paid for

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  1. Matt B
    February 5, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    And all those people that voted for him thought it would be different? Heard Obama say it was crucial or vital or some other impending doom if it doesn’t happen word, that this “stimulus” package be passed immediately. His backers must need the payback for their hard work.

    Even more laughable was to hear Pelosi, when asked why teen prevention was a part of the stimulus plan, say how she believes in prevention. Yes Ms. Pelosi, but what does it have to do with stimulus? Nothing, but then you won’t adnit it. Another political answer, i.e. no answer to the question posed. Let my actions speak for themselves.

    You said it. Be careful what you wish for. oops….too late. Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. How many sequels will we have to endure?

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