Keep going!

There is a Moment in every closely contested  MMA or judo match when both guys think they are losing and are almost lost.  They have taken themselves right to the edge, and they can see what the other guy can do to win. 

It is not unusual for that moment to happen simultaneously in close matches. The win often (but not always) goes to the guy that finds a way to keep going in that moment of maximum uncertainty, to the guy who is fully committed to the moment.  That full committment is necessary but not sufficient; it is not a guarantee of the outcome.

All games worth playing have that element of dynamic uncertainty right up until the decision. It’s why we play good games, because that reality captures our sense of life itself. We don’t know how it will turn out in the close ones,in the ones that matter, the ones that pull us in to the Moment. That’s the moment you MUST make that full committment and then let Life have its way.  Trust in the outcome and Life will be Just.

Your rewards come from the act of committment not from the specific outcome. Life asks: can you find a game (any activity, purpose, project, goal, value) to which you will committ your everything? and in the moment of decision can you go all in? If you are engaged in games other than that, ask why? and then ask when? and why not start now?

My  under 10 girl’s soccer team is going to talk about this today before we go try to put a whuppin’ on Blue valley Soccer Club, a most excellent team to play against. They are strong, fast and skilled, and are committed to playing at their highest level. We aim to be a team worthy of playing them. We honor ourselves, our opponents and the game when we do that.

Keep going! and see what happens!

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