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Sensible economic policy measures

Summary of Policy Recommendations from Ron Paul and Peter Schiff

  • Raise interest rates to promote saving
  • Invest money into infrastructure
  • Let the banks/brokers fail, don’t prop up zombie banks
  • Stop devaluating the dollar by printing endless amounts of money
  • Don’t approve the $700 billion bailout
  • Return to the gold standard
  • Embrace the recession, as it serves a function of the business cycle
  • Cut Government spending and decrease the overall size of Gov’t
  • Bring our troops back home not from just Iraq, but everywhere
  • Schiff gets it

    1. Matt B
      November 15, 2008 at 8:31 pm

      Imitation must be the sincerest form of flattery as I just watched this same clip today (2 weeks after your post) on Michael Covel’s site. Keep up the great work Ken. Thanks!

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