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Presidential debate 3: fat lady singing

Debate 2 is when Obama won the Presidency;  Debate 3 is when he didn’t lose it. He has projected the gravitas required to be on the stage. He handles himself well under pressure. He speaks in complete sentences. You get the sense he is not trying to repeat talking points, but that he s actually forming thoughts and then creating the words to carry the meaning across the room to the viewer.

Obama lasted 19 months under the Clintoon scrutiny and came out ahead. He thinks like a lawyer with a refined sense of self preservation and a strong sense of risk. That’s a pretty good skill set to have in the Oval Office where everyone who comes thru the door has an agenda. An acquaintance of mine, whose mind is first rate,  had the opportunity to brief Obama on defense policy for several hours and came away very imporessed by his intelligence, focus and intensity.

bottom line: no one can grow government faster than BushCo anyway, and McCain is a knee-jerk from the next random decision

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