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Profitable ETF trading strategies: leadership out of the abyss

Jimmy Rogers, trader extraordinaire, agrees with us at Tortoise Capital that it is outrageous that the bailout is designed to try to avert taking our medicine.

You must hit bottom, and start over, in the same way that the market has worked for thousands of years.  Bailing out 29 year old brokers that are unsound only perpetuates the pain.  The stock market agrees and will continue to plummet until adults take charge and make us take our medicine.

He thinks that G7 should just stand aside and let the sound people pick up the pieces.  As long as the governments continue to pump paper money into the world, the pain will be prolonged.

Says the G7 is unleashing an inflationary holocaust. He believes that in the end the things that will lead us out are those which have sound fundamentals and this leads him to look at commodities. He acknowledges the current deflationary cycle that is cutting prices, but that the flood of money MUST drive up real asset prices, like they always have.

Believes Asian countries should not step into the breach to sacrifice their savings in order to save the US from its poor decisionmaking. He observes there is no reason or rationale for Singapore to toss their massive reserves into the fire

Conversely Bloomberg and CNN are advising people to turn off the TVs and that central banks will fix this problem through intervention.  My money is on Jimmy Rogers being right.

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