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Debate #2: commentary

Obama looks stiff when talking to people;  saying “Look” sounded pretty harsh

McCain is tired and confused

Both are still using a lot more attacks than I expected given the strongly expressed desire to hear solutions

Obama asking for a line item veto?! and posing as a fiscal conservative?!  Still speaking stiffly. The 68 million acres not being used dont have oil in them, Senator Obama;  ask Boone Pickens. Why neither one of these guys is piling on the Pickens Plan is beyond me. He is the only guy not demagoguing the issue.

McCain completely avoids the question about sacrifices

Peace Corps!? funding americans to volunteer overseas?!  stupid!  why don’t they suggest another Civilian Conservation Corps but for rebuilding infrastructure?!  Bridges, roads, schools and hospitals instead of dollars going overseas

Here is a gimme that neither has thought of:  any tax breaks for businesses must be accompanied by a cap on executive pay at a max of 20x that of the first line worker

Ooh!  a commission to save Social Security! thats a novel idea John.

Both are bragging about how they tried to do things which failed!  Obama wrote letters and no one responded!  That’s why he should be President?

Obama uses “Aaaaaaand” like other people use “Uuuuuuuuuuuum”

They should declare that all earmarks should be published in easy to read spreadsheets prior to every bill, with the sponsor and benefactor and their running totals maintained along with the tax revenue from their district shown

Excellent question on a Manhattan Project for energy. especially with Department of Defense being the number one user of energy in the world.

Obama should be pumping his idea to bring the troops home as an economy measure and not just from a foreign policy perspective. 

Brokaw maintains order!  That took some courage.

Healthcare: Obama killed McCain here. Tonight will be remembered as the night healthcare became a right and not a responsibility. Obama knocked it out of the park with the undecided. Dont quibble with an old woman dying with cancer. Its undignified.

Mccain’s folksy attempts at humor seem to fall flat.

Foreign Policy: McCain comes alive, the old war horse, but Obama nails the answer by framing Iraq as an economic issue. Obama takes away McCain’s one true advantage. Obama is eloquent on the importance of moral obligation, McCain is solid.

McCain is ungracious; his pride is going before the fall. He can’t believe he is losing to this guy. Obama sees the prize right now and the pressure on him will be enormous. I dont envy him and I pray for his health and judgment. I think he won the Presidency tonight.

McCain left early in a funk, wouldnt shake Obama’s hand and that is very telling. Obama stayed late afetrwards talking with people in the crowd and that’s more important than what may have been said.

I am disappointed that Obama thinks Osama Bin Laden is our biggest national security challenge:  Russia, China, resources,  Georgia, iran, North Korea,

No one cares about Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers. They are watching the country go down the drain and McCain promises business as usual. Sorry John. Your country thanks you for your service, you are a great American, you will not be president.

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