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President Henry Paulson: our newest oligarch

Right now the most powerful man in the world is the Sec. of the treasury, Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs. At any given time in Washington, depending on the nature of the current political crisis that has everyone’s attention, one man can be said to be the real president of the United States. It’s the man that has the most important role in the biggest contemporary crisis of the day. Currently, the whole world is watching our financial infrastructure implode through a combination of incompetence, oversight, Kearney capitalism, and outright thievery. 

The man at the center of the controversy, the man who will decide on the future of the nation based on his actions over the next two months, is none other than the secretary of the treasury Henry Paulson, a former CEO of Goldman Sachs. This bailout deal  seems like it will pass through both houses of Congress, with only Ron Paul standing athwart the momentum crying “Nay!”.

For the sake of political expediency, we have handed over the reins of our democratic government to an unelected official whose ties to the international banking sector are long and enduring. The draft proposal for the bailout of the mortgage banks includes the provision that Henry Paulson’s decisions on which assets to buy with a truly in dollars of taxpayer money will be unreviewable by either Congress or the judiciary. Where are the champions of liberty and limited government? That would be the guys at the front of the line with their hats in their hands in their mouths open begging for mercy and their share of the criminal pie. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are hanging their heads in shame to see the depths to which their noble experiment has sunk.

Last year this time the most powerful men in America was Gen. David Petraeus, whose testimony in front of both houses of Congress pushed through the policy of the surge. It is fair to say that he was the President of the United States for those three difficult days. The baton has clearly passed to secretary Paulson now. It remains to be seen if we have the moral courage to recapture our republic or whether we will slide quickly down the slope to formal socialism and oligarchy. The sad thing is that the masses continue to watch the television and dream the dreams of greed and unreality. Long live American Idol. Very soon this will be a country that even illegal immigrants won’t want to come to. They’ll have a better deal at home and that’s the saddest possibility of all.

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